Love me for me!


Sometimes I find myself wondering will a man truly love me for me. When you first get to know a person it can be difficult to really know what you are getting into. Initially you are attracted to a person by physical appearance and nothing more. Once you converse, date, and whatever else happens along the way, you start to discover more and more about one another. Most of the time one of you will lose interest and eventually go on to the next person for one reason or another. The problem I seem to run into is men don't understand that I have different layers and tend to be very moody and impulsive. I am very real, honest, and open about myself and my past. I like to let it be known that I'm far from perfect and that I have been thought of by many as crazy. I guess my looks keep men interested in trying to prove me wrong because as soon as they realize everything I tell them about myself is true they all of a sudden are no longer interested in me. When sex is involved I have noticed that the men I have dealt with will stick around longer and deal with all of me because its good. I really feel as if I am destined to be alone because of my complex personality and feisty ways. Could one man really be strong and understanding enough to love me for me, good, bad, happy, sad, mean, nice, depressed, or full of life. At this point I doubt that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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