Usher's "Papers"


Wow, Usher has such an amazing voice! I hear the hurt and relief as he sings his new song "Papers". This song was written by Sean Garrett who claims the song wasn't directly inspired by Ushers real life. Supposedly the song was written before Usher filed divorce papers. *Jinkies* It all falls together so well I must say.


“I damn near lost my mama, I had been through so much drama that I turned into the man I never thought I’d be. I’m ready to sign those papers”

I wonder how Tameka feels hearing her soon to be ex husband sing this song. Usher filed for divorce June 12th of this year and claims that he has been separated from Tameka since July 2008. Tameka on the other hand was in complete denial of the situation and even states they were just intimate a week before Usher filed the divorce papers.

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