You Love That Hoe

You in love wit that bitch and shes a hoe/

done sleep with half of the niggas that you kno/

but you dont care, that pussy got you out there/

you pay no attention when she gettin stares/

from niggas that hit, who use to beat it up/

they lookin and rememberin her swallow nut/

but what the fuck, that bitch is bad/

you could careless bout the niggas she done had/

cause now she yours and she doin you good/

suckin, fuckin, and she stay cookin you some good food/

and she fresh to death, body so damn nice/

far as you concerned the bitch is everything that you like/

the bitches and niggas hate, they say u look like a fool/

but you aint trippin, you just to damn cool/

pop ya collar and move with ya bitch on ya side/

cause she ya hoe and she ride or die.

©RedBytch 2007

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