Happy New Year


2009 was a crazy year for me. I have dealt with a lot of problems and by the grace of God I made it through the year stronger, wiser, and better. I'm a very strong woman but everyone has a breaking point. I been on the edge of that point so many times in 09 but I have 4 kids that depend on me so I keep pushing. I often wonder how people can just give up and let life get the best of them. I refuse to let life beat me up, though it has tired over and over again. I knew since I was a kid that life was a bitch, so I decided to make her mines. I can't say that this was the worse year of my life but financially it damn sure was the most broke year I have ever had. I had a son start high school, 1 start middle school, 1 start kindergarten, and 1 is still in diapers. This year made me become more responsible in regards to myself and who I let get close to me. I was selfish to myself most of my adult life by putting a mans needs before mine. This year I woke up and became more independent mentally in regards to love and relationships with men. 2009 started horribly for me and it was mainly because of a bad relationship. Half way through the year I decided I was going to move from my apartment I had been in for 5 years. I made the move in September and my new surroundings have helped me get a better peace of mind. I started blogging to pass time not even knowing what I wanted to say or what direction I wanted to go. I'm still unsure but I have fun with this blog, I do whatever I want and I hope you enjoy what I do. A new year will begin tomorrow and I'm so ready to reach new goals I have in place. I'm going to be a better mother, friend, woman, and a better servant to God everything else will fall in place. No drama is welcomed in my life and any negative people who are in my life but haven't been exposed will eventually fade out just like 2009. Thank you to everyone who supports me and loves me. I love everyone who loves me and I even have a little place in my heart for the haters. Happy New Year everyone and thanks for your support and interest.

Shout outs to my wonderful friends, my father who held me down 2009, and my kids for inspiring me and keeping me on my feet!

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