My Jeans Are Tighter Than Y'alls


This is a picture of my son and it looks like he has on that girls' jeans. I regret buying him those skinny ass pants. I let him do him but this ishhh has to end. 2010 will be the death of skinny jeans leeego!

 Check this video I found on World Star Hip Hop. (thanks Baytastic). It's called "My Jeans Are Tighter Than Yalls," hilarious. Some ninja named Yung Dick made this song. It's making light of all the boys/ men wearing skinny jeans. Please watch you will laugh your ass off.

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  1. At least you will admit that you let him do I NEVER understood how it became acceptable.

  2. At you let him be him that is cool. Its a phase it'll be over soon...i hope. Your son is so cute!!! Does he have a twitter or Facebook?

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