Baby Blue denies getting Tisha Campbells sister pregnant!


So here's the story, Tisha Campbell's younger sister Tiara Campbell claims she is pregnant with Baby Blue's (of Pretty Ricky) child. The audio clip is a radio interview of him denying the child. To add insult to injury he says the sex was wack. He really needs to grow up. He should of thought about how he would feel if it is his child and, the kid hears this ridiculous interview.

Baby Blu also revealed that he is in a relationship with Ke Ke Wyatt and the situation is causing him problems. Hmmmm this could explain why he is denying the baby. Given her history she could quite possibly have a Oxygen moment and snap on his ass. I hope for Tiara's sake he is not the father. He sounds very immature and ignorant on this interview. Listen and leave comments.

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