Jay-Z moving to Orlando?


Even though Jay-Z has an Empire State of Mind he is giving props to Orlando in a recent interview, stating that he prefers Orlando to New York. Jay went on to big up the O by saying,
"Orlando has it all, plenty of shops, amazing restaurants, and you're only minutes away from Universal Studios. Plus, Orlando is just a really great place to raise a family."
Okay Jay-Z let me find out you and Beyonce moving to Orange County in the near future or whenever Beyonce is ready to have a baby. Thats whats up! I have been here in the Orlando area for 5 1/2 years and I have to agree it is the bomb down here.


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  1. Hate to burst your bubble - but this was first posted on The Onion, whose sole purpose is to make fake headlines that sound ridiculous, followed by equally ridiculous stories. Such as, Jay Z saying Orlando has plenty of shops and great restaurants. What shops do you think Jay Z is going to - the Outlets over by Disney?

  2. first off how can you burst my bubble when its clear that the source came from the onion lmao click source smh and Orlando has plenty more than the Outlets by Disney child boo lol



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