Dwight Howards Baby Mama Gets Low

This video isn't new it is from Ludacris & T.O's pool party Super Bowl weekend. A "How Low Can You Go" contest and Royce Reed in the black, clearly gets the lowest. People are taking ishhh because Royce is Dwight Howards baby mama. I have read all kinds of negative comments about her and I thinks it's bullsh*t! First off just because she has a child doesn't mean she can't have fun, and secondly which people should of taken in consideration is she is a dancer! (she met Dwight while she was dancing for the Orlando Magic) Of course she is going to do her thing dancing is her profession. Now if she was on tour with Luda dancing on stage nobody would be saying ishhh #fuckouttahere. You go girl, you was killing it. I can see you being 1 of Ciara's dancers!

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