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So whats next? That's the question I ask myself as I hit this black and mild and sip my drink. Sometimes I feel like such a loner, so content
with being by myself. I wonder if I will ever share my emotions with
someone else. My everyday routine is my comfort zone. I say I want a
companion but when it comes along I push it away. I have no time for
outside distractions is what I tell myself but in reality I have plenty
of time. Blah, too much to think about! So, I just do me and say fuck
it. I guess when I meet someone, let my guard down and just go with the
flow. Maybe that person is suppose to be in my life. I don't know but until
then I will keep myself entertained through facebook, twitter, blogs,
and whatever else comes to mind. Happy V-day to all the love birds! I
secretly envy you because I definitely need some romance in my life.
Drinking, music, and imagination will be my valentine! None of these
things have ever let me down. They have proved time and time again to be
my best friend. Even in my darkest hour they caress me, console me,
comfort me, and love me for me. Salute! As I take another drink I feel a
sense of joy, knowing I will feel on top of the world sooner than later
just from putting my lips against a glass then swallowing. Yes it's
just that simple. No strings attached, no disappointments, pure
satisfaction, an instant gratification I can count on. Unlike what a
significant other may or may not fulfill! Thats what the fuck I'm
talkin bout! I'm good! I'm happily single or am I only fooling myself?

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