The Bad Girls Club Brandi looks like Antoine Dodson

I have been watching season 5 of the Bad Girls Club on Oxygen and Brandi, the ex stripper from Inglewood, CA looks like Antoine Dodson. She looks so crack headishhhh it makes me sick! Damnnnn where are her edges and come on you mean to tell me you go on national television with that tacky ass weave #wheredeydodatat? Smh she would of been better off  investing in a lacefront.
Hold up, hold up, man down! These 2 have to be Frankie's kids. *In my Frankie voice* This is definitely a code 10 situation smh holllllaaaaaaaaa! =}

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  1. I JUS THOUGHT TO MYSELF TEHE SAME THING! i went to look up pictures of both and this came up. oh thank ya!



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