Kanye West - Power and 'Ye stream


Kanye West premiered the video for "Power" a few days ago. He collaborated with artist Marco Brambilla on the project and showed the world how he visualizes power. I really enjoyed the video/portrait and I appreciate him as an artist. He is so creative and that's a rarity nowadays. I got to watch Yeezy go live on ustream for the first time yesterday and it was awesome. He talked about his creative process, answered questions, and even gave us a sample of  his prospective next single "All of the Lights." 'Ye didn't give an exact release date for his new album but he did say we can expect it sometime in November. If you haven't seen the video for "Power" or missed him on ustream you can watch them both below. Be sure to follow Kanye on twitter @KanyeWest


Kanye's First Ustream


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