New Young Jeezy - Death Before Dishonor (Rick Ross Diss)

Check out Jeezy's "Death Before Dishonor." It's the remix or response to the Rick Ross "B.M.F." Its only right that Jeezy jump on the track and show the fam (BMF) love. The question is, do you think Jeezy is sneak dissin Ross? I wonder who this subliminal blow was directed at?
How you blowin' money fast, you don't know the crew.  Are you part of the fam? Shit, I never knew! Y'all was suppose to make it hard, this is easy hoe. Pull up in that triple white, I think I'm Jeezy hoe.
Hmmm...... Maybe it's directed to lame niggas in general because Jeezy is real enough to say a name if that's what it is. Listen to the track and tell me what you think. Download

Here's what Rick Ross had to say about Young Jeezy in an earlier interview with D.J. Self. 

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