New Beyoncé - Bow Down / I Been On

So this is Bey's new track via It's definitely different and I'm feeling it.. But I can't help but to think of a video I seen after her Superbowl performance that talked about how she was possessed . Yeah a little of it seemed far fetched but a lot of it also made since to me.. I will post the video as well as her new song below.. What stands out to me is how the christian group responsible for the video talked about how Satan wants to be worshiped and how is is using Beyonce as well as other musicians to accomplish that.. The name of the song is Bow Down and being that she has a verse that is slowed down its kind of creepy.  Hearing her on the track slowed down really made me feel some type of way... Things that make you go hmmmmm for sure! Check out her new song and the video below and leave your thoughts..

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